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Corporate Programing 


Seasonal on-boarding & Team building

A new twist on your traditional on board, we have a variety of programs from simple food and wine seminars that are tailored to your brand, to fully catered dining options that can also include educational components. The end game is to create a unique experience that will motivate your team members, align with your corporate culture, and empower your sales force with food and wine knowledge.

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Staff Parties

When it comes to staff appreciation or seasonal staff parties let us come to you. We can work together on budget to bring a fully customizable dining experience into your facility.   



Brand Ambassador  

Ultimately Smoke and Barrel is all about promoting the love of Canadian food and drink. If you are passionate about what our country has to offer, we would love to work with you. Through media specific training and over 8 years of F&B media experience, we can help represent your brand with public appearances, TV or online appearances, food and wine seminars, culinary demos, etc.


Pop up food service / Wine focused "convenience food

If your looking to add a culinary component to your day to day operation we can work with you to find a solution that will fit the scope of your business. We can offer simple pre packaged food items that will pair specifically to your wines, or if your looking for a more elaborate “pop up” style of food service we can organize, educate and execute “one off” experiences that will make your brand stand out.  


Recipe development 

We can create product specific recipes that can focus on LTO’s, seasonal wines, passport programs (see below), new releases, etc.  

Recipes are available as write-ups only or professionally photographed by our S&B media team for an additional fee. 


Passport program development 

With 10 years of insight into both Wineries of NOTL “signature events and Grape and wines “discovery passes” we can design passport food items that are sure to be a hit. For us, approachability is everything. Relatable food items that will drive traffic and will pair perfectly with your wines. Recipe included. Can service as a drop off or provide a S&B team member to execute.


Wine club value adds

As a strong wine club is an integral part of most winery models,  we would love to assist in adding additional value to your packaging. We have developed a variety of wine club specific programming that can involve recipe mail outs, S&B dry rubs and grocery items or even winery dining events for your members. All of our culinary offerings are based around your specific shipment wines.     

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