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Dry rubs




We got the








Dark chocolate | Chili | Smoked paprika

Dry rub 

Rosemary | Black pepper | Garlic

Dry rub

Citrus | Corriander | Charred onion

Dry rub

Madras curry | Cumin | Mint

Dry rub

Smoke and Barrel grocery provides shelf stable dry goods as well as restaurant quality fresh products that are sure to elevate your next social gathering. Contact directly for further details and ordering. 

Available Vinaigrettes


Red wine vinaigrette

Icewine vinaigrette

Sweet lemon ver jus

Cumin line dressing

Ginger sesame dressing

Available Butters

Red wine butter

Icewine butter

Cafe de Paris butter

Garlic and thyme butter

Foie gras and truffle butter

Available Marinades

Caribbean Jerk

Red wine espresso


Candied Garlic chipotle 

Basic brine kits 

Available Sauces

Cabernet BBQ

Icewine mustard

Riesling cocktail

Pinot noir korean BBQ

Available Jams 


Blueberry merlot

Peach riesling

Icewine bacon tomato

Viognier plum rose 

Available Dips


Fresh salsa





Smoked pepper ricotta

Featured product

Featured product

Featured product

Featured product


S&B “Tournant” Program


"A chef tournant is a floating or relief chef who helps out wherever needed in a restaurant or other professional kitchen. This chef can be assigned to perform any cooking task or serve as an intermediary between chefs.  A chef tournant needs knowledge in many areas of the culinary arts, and because of this the chef tournant acts as a jack-of-all-trades". 


Whether in a professional setting when you need an extra set of hands, or at home where you need the convenience of someone taking care of the prep for you, S&B’s tournant program can help. We specialize in high quality pre prepared food that is ready for your personal touch before serving.


Below is a list of products that we offer,  


  • Smoked pork products – Bacon, Ham, loins, Back and sibs ribs, Pulled pork, Smoked pork bellies, Porchetta  


  • Smoked and braised beef products – Cheeks, Side ribs, Short ribs, Briskets, Pastrami, Ossobuco


  • Fully cooked poultry – Smoked turkey breast, Jerk chicken legs, Smoked chicken wings 


  • Charcuterie – Dry cured sausages, Smoked sausages, Pates, Terrines, Confit products, Cold smoked salmon, Gravlax 


  • Marinated meats- Beef short ribs, Chicken thighs, Pork shoulders and chops,


  • Pre brined meats – Pork chops, Whole chickens, Chicken breasts, Whole turkeys, Turkey breasts   


  • 1/8” cut olive oil crostini


  • Stocks and bone broth – Traditional demi or stocks, also offering smoked beef stock 


  • Cold smoked products- Pork loins, Pork chops (cut to size), Artisanal cheeses, Ground beef, Ground pork, Smoked pork fatback   


*For full detail and pricing please 

Smoke and Barrel logo white copy 2.png
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