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2018 Domaine Bousquet Malbec

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

In 1990 a third-generation winemaker (Jean Bousquet), found love at first sight. The object of the Frenchman’s desire: the Gualtallary Valley, a scenic, remote, arid terrain high in the Tupungato district of the Uco Valley in Argentina’s Mendoza region, close to the border with Chile. Here, where the condors fly and not a vine in sight, Bousquet discovered his dream terroir, an ideal location in which to nurture organically-grown wines.

With altitudes ranging up to 5,249 feet, Gualtallary occupies the highest extremes of Mendoza’s viticultural limits. Fast-forward to the present and wine cognoscenti recognize it as the source of some of Mendoza’s finest wines.

Domaine Bousquet produces 4 million liters a year and export 95% of its volume to more than 50 countries, currently ranking it in the top 20 Argentine wineries in terms of exports and a leader in organic wine.

Another beautiful Argentinian wine at a beautiful price point!

Immediately on the nose you have very ripe and very juicy aromas jumping out of the glass.

A full bodied wine with notes of tobacco, raspberry and blackberry up front with fresh dark fruit, minerality and soft vanilla on the finish.

Get some rare beef, chimichurri and tuck in.

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